Since 1984

Roda International

About us

We aren’t new to the seafood business. We’ve been dreaming and living  seafood for the  last three decades.

We maintain offices in some of the finest fishing regions in the world, including Argentina, Chile, China, Ecuador, India and Spain. Our seafood experts maintain close relationships with the fishing industries in these locales, sourcing the best seafood available in each area.

Roda International has earned a reputation for excellence for meeting our customer’s needs. Once we’ve sourced the best products available, we ship it to our processing facilities and prepare your orders to your exacting specifications. Products can be packaged in private label or white label packaging, in the precise size, shape and weight you need. Products can be packaged using our premium toppings developed by our culinary team or we can use your own recipe if you wish. Because we work with partners throughout the world and maintain offices in each location we receive product from, you can confident that your products are of the highest quality, caught fresh and handled by a seasoned team who are dedicated to uncompromising quality.

What’s more, we do extensive market research to identify emerging trends in the marketplace so you can stay ahead of your competition. As an international seafood importer and exporter, we are very concerned about sustainability and continually strive to meet international standards regarding environmentally friendly aquaculture, including international certifications from the leading organizations in sustainability and stewardship. When it comes to top quality seafood that is purchased from the source, toppings that use only the finest ingredients and adherence to uncompromising standards, trust Roda International to provide you with the products that will consistently exceed your expectations