Since 1984

Roda International


The days of an endless supply of seafood in the world’s oceans may be long gone, but we have led the way in developing new methods for meeting customer demand while being sure that the supply is not only environmentally responsible but sustainable. To that end, we work closely with other organizations that are dedicated to this same goal. As an importer, exporter and purveyor of seafood products around the world, we have an interest and responsibility to the industry, our customers and consumers. In the cases of wild caught seafood, we focus on product that is either certified or will be certified by the Maritime Stewardship Council. We also respect the efforts of GlobalGAP, which is dedicated to sustainable fishing and aquatic farming of various species, including Tilapia. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council, which was founded in 2009, is another organization concerned with sustainability. They are creating and managing global standards for aquaculture, particularly in developing producer countries such as Vietnam and China and we applaud their efforts. As a member of the seafood industry, Roda International is concerned about the impact our operations have on the environment and we are working continually to ensure that we provide products from partners who are dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility.